Fees for Chapter 7
Since every case that comes into our office is different, it's difficult to give a firm price quote. For example a simple bankruptcy might include no more than 5-6 creditors while a complex bankruptcy involving a business might have 100 or more.

However price is usually the first thing a client wants to know so we'll give the following general guidelines. Remember that we cannot quote you fees until we know the specifics of your case.  Generally a complete Chapter 7 will cost $1800. This includes two charges:

Filing fee with the U.S. Bankruptcy court: $300-400.
Attorney representation including all paperwork and court appearances: $1400-1500.

Please be aware that special circumstances may increase these costs but these are rare and will probably not apply to your case. Also you will be advised of these before you retain our office. No surprises!
Fees for Chapter 13
$1400 retainer which includes a court filing fee of $310.00. This payment is due up front.
($variable) deducted from your Chapter 13 plan payments over the 3-5 year duration of the case. ($4000 for business cases)

Because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves a consolidation of your debt into a single payment and because that payment is generally based on your income, the attorney fees may NOT increase your monthly payment. For this reason we try and bill the majority of our fees through the Chapter 13 plan.


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